Firefighter Push and Lock Pen in Antique Pewter made with Olive wood (PN06)


This pen is perfect for the firefighter. Features include:

  • Pen Clip: Represents a Firefighter’s ladder. At the top of the clip is a variation of the iconic Firefighter’s Maltese Cross widely used across fire departments as a symbol of protection and a badge of honor.
  • Pen End: Depicts a silhouette of a Firefighter in uniform at work – braced on the ground in the act of holding the hose. For the non-antiqued pen kit styles, the design has the look of laser-cut sheet metal revealing a layer of enameled red or yellow metal through the silhouette. In addition, the words “Honor” “Bravery” “Duty” and “Dedication” are displayed behind the silhouette to further recognize a firefighter’s heroism.
  • Pen Top: Features a classic and recognizable Firefighter’s helmet form.
  • Pen Tip: Shaped from Firefighter’s hose-nozzles throughout history, touching on past and present forms.
  • “Push and Lock” Pen Mechanism: Emulates an American fire hose adapter that connects fire hoses to water sources including a firefighter’s truck. Using a simple female and male exterior coupling, this 2-part threaded connection system has no interior moving parts and is extremely reliable and durable. To extend the refill, simply push the back-end of the pen downward and rotate to lock the upper adapter clips into place. The tip hose-nozzle extends simultaneously with the pen refill as a reference to the water rushing out of the hose.
  • Wood: Made using Olive wood

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